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Scam alert: Bitcoin cloud mining fraud

Jan 8, 2018

Lot of advertisement are running on Facebook and on the results page of search engines. Many affiliates advertise a new "company" with a possible free Bitcoin cloud mining offer. The website is a true scam site based on the content as well, but we decided to publish an article about it to prevent possible losses.

Website name: 99mining.cloud

The website offers cloud mining for free just for provideing a Bitcoin wallet address. For they give a promise for users to get 0.0000010 BTC in every minute what can be increased with more and more affiliates. Despite of the "low" interest rate it's quite easy to collect the minimum amount for the withdrawal what is 0.005 BTC.




Lot of upgrade possibilities and so on to waste your money, but there is a more dangerous area of the website where they ask for your personal details and ID and proof of address. Never give out these important and personal information for an unauthorized company or website! Beside it to get the payout they ask users to pay maintenance fee (0.001 BTC) or to buy an upgrade package.

Payment proofs are fake as well, and it's really easy to find really rough mistakes on the website:


The company indicated on the website located in United Kingdom... not exactly convincing: Company information



To start with real and valuable cloud mining companies
please visit: BTC cloud mining companies



It is easy to recognize a scam company for an exerienced investor, but I hope this small article will help for a lot of crypto-beginner to avoid losses.

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