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Investment trends and results in 2017

Oct 30, 2017

Financial world and investment trends have changed enormously this year. Maybe we won't tell you a secret that cryptocurrencies devastated the investment market. What kind of possibilities we had in 2017 and what about the results? We will think about these ateratives in this article.

We can see incredible result here. The volatility and the amount of money what arrives to the crypto market just exploded this results. Bitcoin only generated more than 25% in every month this year. Digital assets with new currencies could generate even more of course with more risk as well. Never forget that incredible results often comes with the possibility of loss. Never foget the second wisdom from experienced investors: You can't get high income without taking risk.

We need to see and realize that Cryptocurrency market is the same what Internet was in the 2000s. If you compare the statistics for the two "events" you will see the similarity. WSJ created a diagram about he numbers:

Hedge funds and investment managers turn to the cryptocurrency market. There are more than 120 Hedge funds working with only Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies. or and more financial companies tries to create investment packages only from digital assets ICOs and tokens. Blockchan technology created a new area of invesmtents, startups and companies. There is no better time to start with digital assets than now. Several leading banking executives remain really skeptical about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, but let's see clear this is their task not to let people move away from traditional currencies. Beside that more and more money managers starts to see the possibility in digital assets management.

Arbitrage strategies high frequrency trading works really well on digital assets because of the incredible volatility. Cryptocurrency trading will get more and more bigger slice from financial market. New ICO and cryptocurrency launches easily collect millions of dollars in weeks or days, but basically even Bitcoin is in just early stages. Some analysts are predicting more than 500.000$ price for Bitcoin in a few years. Don't let the opportunity out of your hands. This is our time to think, plan and do the necessary steps to obtain benefits from the upcoming "Big boom"!


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