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Free Bitcoin, discounts and coupons

Dec 3, 2017

Get FREE Bitcoins and discounts

Free betcoin is a dream? Maybe yes in these days but there is a lot of good and really enjoyable opportuniti to get free. Not tons of them, but you can use this article to get information how and where you can get discounts and free offers to get Bitcoin.

This article will be constantly updated!

Get Free Bitcoins

Free Bitcoin offer: Get free Bitcoin in every 2 hours. After a free registration you get immediately a small amount of free Bitcoin. You get the chance to get it every hour and bigger amount in every 2 hours. Beside it you can get lottery tockets, possibility to multiply your BTC and other games and rewards. One of the most enjoyable way to get free Bitcoin.

Free registration here: Get your free Bitcoin


Bitcoin wallet Bonus

Get free $10 when you register your free Bitcoin wallet: Register a Free Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and EUR wallet from one of the biggest wallet provider. Coinbase will give you free $10 to if you buy Bitcoin for at least $100. This offer is valid only if you use the following link to register. It is not too much, but covers at least a little administration fee. Beside it: Never throw money away if you can get it.

Get your free CoinBase wallet here:  Get $10 for free after registration

Cloud mining coupon

Get 3% discount on every cloud mining package you would like to buy. This coupon gives you the possibility to save money. Bigger hash package gives you bigger saving. This coupon gives you discount for the following services: Bitcoin cloud mining, Litecoin cloud mining, Zcash cloud mining, Monero cloud mining, Dash cloud mining an Ethereum cloud mining.

Coupon code if you buy cloud mining package: vD87EA

Start you registration here to get discount: Cloud mining coupon


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