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The best time to jump in and only a few days left?

Dec 23, 2017

This is the best time to jump to the cryptocurrency market! There is no other possibility in this year! ...or maybe you never get this chance again!

Two days before Christmas we got the best present from the cryptocurrency market. The TOP 20 cryptocurrency just dropped back with more than -30%. Cryptosceptic people just had an incredible day to throw everything to our face and just be happy. Unfortunatelly if you know the crypto market you need to know that this was a gift day for everyone who planned to jump in. The price of bitcoin went back from $20.000 to $11.000 This seems to be a problematic drawdown, but it was clearly nothing if you see the whole year results:

Bitcoin generated more than 1500% in 2017 for the owners. Now the price falled down but in few days it will jump high again. 2018 will just begin where option trade will be normal for cryptocurrencies, when blockchain technology will rule the market and all of the new ways wll beat the old-fashion business models.

If you plan to invest or have Bitcoin or cryptocurrency there is no better time to start than today! Even cryptocurrency mining is easier for a few days, and Christmas discounts helps you to generate money in 2018. This is an inredible gift, and we need to use it.

I would like to wish you Happy Holidays with this great news, and let's start the next year with incredible profit ! :)



How to start?


To start you need to go through these steps:

  • You need to find out how you store your cryptocurrencies. 
  • You need to decide which option you choose to get Cryptocurrencies:
    • The first option is to buy directly Bitcoin, Ethereum or other currency
    • The second option is to mine cryptocurrencies, and the best choice to do it is cloud mining.

SO! Let's get started!

To store your money: To start on the cryptocurrency market you need a safe and reliable wallet. One of the most famous wallet is Coinbase, where you can not just store your money but you can trade exchange and buy the main cryptocurrencies as well. To start with Coinbase register here and get $10 as a gift if you buy your first coins. This is not too much, but it covers your transaction fees: Coinbase registration


If you move forward and you need altcoins just for investment, speculating or buying ICOs or Tokens etc. use a reliable instant exchange like Changelly. Register now for free to get great prices! Changelly gives you the possibility to have a lot of altcoins and even the possibility to change them back to main currencies.


If you would like to start mining main currencies you can start with cloud mining services. To know the biggest companies and to start mining even immediatelly choose from these companies: MinerGate - Genesis Mining - HashFlare

- With Genesis Mining you are able to mine Monero at the moment, the other crypto mining services are all full. It is really hard to get the possibility to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum at this moment. If you have a registration you will get pre-buy option, so I suggest you to create a free registration, and if you buy mining power just use vD87EA code to get 3% discount from the whole price of your first purchase: Genesis Mining

- At MinerGate you have an option to mine altcoins even with your own computer, but you can use their cloud mining service as well. You can give it a try to mine with optimized mining, where you mine every time the best cryptocurrency with their software. With cloud mining you can mine with their sollution Bitcoin and Monero as well: MinerGate

- HashFlare has now the most diversified portfolio from these companies if we are talking about cloud mining. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash. You can calculate your profit as well with their tool easily. If you register an account you can have really valuable discounts many times. If you not plan to buy hashrate now the free registration can save you quite good money: HashFlare


These days are the best to star you career and get your income if the prices will jump high again. 2018 will give us really incredible cryptocurrency prices.


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