Cryptocurrency exchange services

Site Type Additional Information Website

Wallet Exchange Buying One of the biggest international wallet, main currency buy and exchange service. You get $10 as a gift if you register here and spend at least $100 on cryptocurrencies.

Automated exchange Automated cryptocurrency exchange with major coins and lot of altcoins

Automated exchange Trade ICO One of the TOP10 Exchange platform, ICO platform with own coin based sollution. High Liquidity.

 P2P exchange Wallet Manual exchange with a person-to-person Bitcoin buying platform. Verification needed.

 Automated exchange Multi-function exhange platform with million of users.

 Exchange Wallet P2P Buy Simple to use Bitcoin buy platform with PayPal. Person-to-person system.

CryptoTrade CryptoCopy Cryptocurrency trading platform with copy-tradin possibilities.

What is cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency world is a great place to generate income, money and build up maybe incredible revenue. With time everyone meet with a problem. How to turn cryptocurrencies into "real" and traditional money. Because of volatility the question is the same if we would like to buy another cryptocurrency. To trade directly cryptoccurencies you need an exchange service. Sell and buy bitcoin for example is much more easier than one year ago. The crypto market exploded, but this growth brought a lot of new questions as well. How can you trade your money and cryptocurrency safely? How can you find a service with normal costs? Which currency you should buy, and where toopen your wallet?

BCT is on the way to create a reliable and growing database about safe cryptocurrency exhcange services. Comparing these services helps you to find the best way what fits to you based on costs, location and available currencies.

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