The world of Cryptocurrency will change the way how we think about money. Our goal is to give you a clear way how to start and live in this new world successfully.


Cryptocurrencies change the world and the way how we think about money. This new area attracts more and more people and this interest brings more and more question is as well. How to start on the crpyto market? How to earn or buy my first bitcoin? How to exchange cryptocurrency to real money? How cryptocurrency mining works? How to live safely and profitabily on this market?

We are here to help you!

On Best Currency Trader (BCT) you will find companies from all over the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency exchangers, crpytocurrency brokers, traders and everything about cryptocurrency mining. We and our partners publish regularly articles to inform you about the life of this area, really important news, features, analysis and investing tips to give you real possiblity to achieve your goals.

Through these articles you get real information direclty from those companies you can choose to work with. 

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